Statistical Consulting and Data Management

Our team of advanced statisticians and computational scientists support clients in the design of program pilots, demonstrations, and evaluations, as well as in the policy applications of modern statistical methods, such as Bayesian analysis, stochastic system dynamics, agent-based models, and network analysis.

MEDS offers a full range of survey research services to clients in government, non-profit, academia, and the private sector, applying rigorous scientific methodologies to survey design, sampling, survey administration, and analysis, with demonstrated expertise in gathering data on sensitive topics or from hard-to-reach populations.

With expertise in survey methodology, questionnaire design, electronic data capture, and multi-mode data collection, MEDS is highly skilled in quantitative and qualitative techniques such as focus groups and in-depth interviews. We help clients achieve statistically significant survey response rates through the use of best practices, innovative recruitment strategies, non-response follow-up techniques, and refusal aversion and conversion.

MEDS manages its own full-service, technology-rich in-house survey center, staffed with experienced, highly trained interviewers, supervisors, locators, coders, and data processors. Whether surveying urban slums or remote African villages, the teams work to acquire reliable, defensible data.

Our expert solutions are customized to a client’s particular challenges and include:

  • Building and managing scalable data management services.
  • Performing other data-intensive services that require secure and services, cloud-based, data storage, and management environments
  • Survey Design, Sampling & Instrument Development
  • Data Collection & Survey Operations
  • Analysis & Interpretation
  • Data Visualization & Human-Cantered Design