MEDS offers proven research experience in real-world programs, with a strong background in random assignment studies, quasi-experimental studies, field research, mixed-method data collection, and rapid cycle evaluations. Decision-makers in many organizations rely on MEDS’s research services to inform policy design and program changes.

Utilizing a broad range of domain experts and methodologies, MEDS considers policy and program

challenges from many perspectives. Examining a policy issue in Gender-Based Violence (GBV), for example, may require an understanding of local cultural expectations. MEDS brings expertise in these areas, as well as in many others.

During the lifetime of any project, the team often realizes how small changes could potentially make a significant difference. The new insights gained and gaps identified to lead to new project ideas. MEDS works with clients to follow up on these first findings through rigorous research in different domain areas, including:

  • Policy/Program Analysis
  • Applied Research Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Needs assessments
  • Behaviour Change Surveys
  • Socio-economic research