Program Evaluations

Evaluations are a key part of Project Cycle Management, and MEDS offers the full administration of all relevant evaluations. MEDS believes in honest evaluations that provide the best benefit to the clients. While it is important to be balanced and to provide insights into the project holistically, one cannot attain an interactive learning agenda and process if one does not address and understand the challenges. This is why MEDS strongly believes in constructive feedback and the openness of its clients to address any challenges and, thus, to provide better solutions for targeted populations in the long term.

An industry leader in program evaluations, MEDS designs, develops and implements leading-edge approaches to impact and program evaluations.

What gives MEDS the edge is its pool of talented researchers and evaluators who are able to quickly adapt to clients’ changing needs. Our diversity allows us to consider problems from many perspectives, and our teams bring together economists, statisticians, and other social scientists with data experts and programmers experienced in cleaning, organizing, and displaying large, disparate data sets.

MEDS team apply a broad range of statistical techniques, modeling complex systems, and performing econometric analyses. MEDS combines qualitative and quantitative analysis methods so that they inform each other to broaden and deepen insights. The results provide not just the “what” but the “why,” with easy-to-understand evidence-based summary reports that include practical recommendations for improving programs and policy.

MEDS’s program evaluation services include:

  • Impact Evaluations
  • Process Evaluations
  • Outcome Evaluations
  • Mixed-Method Evaluations