Capability and Capacity Development

We help our clients improve performance through assessing and building capabilities, capacities, motivation, and commitment at the individual, organizational and institutional levels. This may mean building individual capability (skills, high-value knowledge, and wider competencies) and wider organizational capacity. To ensure the sustainability of interventions, we help our clients improve individual and organizational performance. Capability and Capacity Development services are often provided alongside other services, such as Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning.

MEDS offers training courses on a wide range of management-related subjects. We strengthen all sectors including Data management, Analysis, and Reporting; Mobile Data Collection technology; Proposal writing, Project Design, and Implementation; Monitoring and Evaluation; Accountability to Affected Populations, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and Project Management. You can ask us for a custom-designed training course.
We help assess and clarify the learning needs of the individual and organizational levels.
We take the participants’ experience as a starting point for learning and use their reality as a guiding principle.
We ensure an excellent learning environment while leaving the ultimate responsibility for learning with the participant.