Equipped with State of the Art equipment such as Data Collection and Processing Tools, HIAS is one of the leading companies in the evaluation, management, and development in Africa and beyond.

We keep pace with the advancement of technology in data collection and processing tools including software, and equipment that for instance we have fully embraced electronic data collection and processing. Our forward-looking services are corroborated with the state of the art technology available in the world.


At MEDS, we understand that innovative thinking is the vehicle that makes your dreams come true. We are practical thinkers always eager to innovate close to the market, and we create innovative engagement programs for your real business world out there.

We vary our choices among numerous innovative and creative techniques in the areas of management, evaluation, and development consultancy, which we complement with reputable research techniques and management models.

You can imagine that innovation arises from an inventive, practical combination of matching methods, experimental implementation of new approaches through the professional and profound theoretical background. MEDS inspires creative and productive thinking. Our services deliver a clear and tangible value for your organization and your employees.

At MEDS, we understand that Innovative Thinking is the vehicle that makes your dreams come true.


At MEDS, you can rely on our team of dedicated staff who are responsible for the creation and delivery of all our services. A truly dynamic group, in addition to their profound expertise our staff have contacts and connections around the globe.

capacity development or help with strategic thinking, they work tirelessly to support you and upgrade their proficiency to the highest possible level. In addition to our full-time staff, we employ a number of senior consultants, freelancers, and part-time staff as associates.  These professionals bring an impressive range of expertise and experience to the services you get, as well as passion to the team.


At MEDS we firmly believe that working in partnership is key to the quality and successful accomplishment of our management, evaluation, and development services.

MEDS has well-established partnerships with a wide range of organizations across the globe. We are always involved in new initiatives that advance standards and shape best practices in the ever-changing and growing world of management, evaluation, and development.

HIAS works with companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral organizations to address multifaceted challenges on an all-inclusive scale. The contributions of our partners are more than money. Their expertise, kind support and more are helping shape stronger MEDS communities.