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MEDS delivers evidence that shapes the world. We start with a simple goal: create solutions that help people.

Driven by Impact

At MEDS, we take the complex and challenging and make them clear and actionable. Our clients rely on us for the insights they need to deliver effective policies and programs that improve lives. As management, evaluation and development consultants, we work with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), governments, businesses, foundations, and other mission-driven organizations to create sustainable impacts and build resilient communities.

Informed by Experience

Our team of diverse researchers, innovators, data scientists, project managers, and other professionals bring passion, intellectual rigor, and subject matter expertise to our projects. We are known for our dynamism and ability to adapt to meet our clients’ needs. Importantly, many of our team members have held high-level leadership positions at several projects and have a deep understanding of challenges in the public sector.

Defined by Progress

MEDS was founded based on a simple belief that exceptional people committed to rigorous evaluation, research and project management can improve lives. Ever since, we have grown to deliver a wide range of evidence-based solutions for humanitarian aid, education, agriculture, health, construction, workforce development, social programs, and advanced analytics. Since our founding, MEDS continues to be driven by a passion for creating solutions that improve people’s lives. Our deep policy expertise, combined with industry-leading advanced analytics, data visualization, and process automation capabilities, make MEDS a partner that our clients trust to solve their toughest challenges.

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MED’s mission is to create enduring solutions to global problems through rigorous approaches and innovative thinking.


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Rigorous thinking is the bedrock on which to base successful programming.


We have the bravery to challenge clients on their assumptions and thinking because we know it gives them the best service.


Our people take responsibility for the quality of our work and performance.


We offer clients intellectual excellence, professional integrity, methodological rigor, and an unparalleled work ethic.


Our clients benefit from community access to the design, delivery, learning and outputs of interventions affecting them. Giving them a strong voice in the programmes that impact them improves the programmes and makes them more sustainable.


Our team reflects and incorporates the diversity of the communities and clients for whom we work. Our culture promotes the richness and nuance brought by diverse perspectives, backgrounds, ideas and identities.


We are open and clear to all with whom we work about who we are, what we do and how we do it.


It is important to understand the impact of our presence and our work, empathise with people’s situations and not do harm.


We Want to Express Our Deep Gratitude to You in the Service That You Provided for Us in Dealing With the Most Difficult Situation

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